We are a small family breeder of Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldogs. Our dogs are home raised with kids. They run free in our home and we do have kennels for when we go away. They are socialized with lots of walks in town. Our #1 priority is to produce outstanding Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldogs that are well rounded, stable temperament, health and confirmation. we health test all dogs, including Pennhip, and OFA. We believe in quality over quantity and DNA test all of our dogs. We are proud members of the ABBA and take an active role in promoting the breed and the Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldogs we believe the ABBA is the only registry for Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldogs as they have a strict set of rules to adhere to and insist on DNA profiling (to verify parentage) of all Alapahas in order to be registered. We participate in the ABBA shows and do Breed Specific Testing (BST) so we can better the breed and test our dogs. all of our foundation dogs have reached their championship status and have completed BST & BST 1 tests. we encourage everyone to do their research when looking for a puppy, Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldogs are loyal, intelligent, and protective dogs. Obedience training and socialization is a must for a stable and well mannered family dog.