Why buy from Hall of Fame Kennels?

We are a small family based kennel located 25 minutes out of Albany, NY.  We knew we wanted an ABBA registered Alapaha, and after we found ARK's Oreo, we fell in love with the breed. We attended our first show in Dallas TX for fun, and ended up attending shows on a regular basis in the last 2 years.  So far we have won the Miles most Travelled award 2 years in a row. We love showing our dogs in the ring, and have included our children in the shows and allowed them to show the dogs as well.  ABBA events also do Breed Specific Testing (BST) at 3 different levels of temperament testing, BST, BST 1, and BST 2.  All of our dogs once eligible ( 1 year of age) participate and are tested.

The ABBA has become our extended family, and attending the shows has become our family vacation time together!  Road tripping, spending the weekend surrounded by amazing breeders and dogs, what more can you want in a vacation?

Our breeding program is simple, we breed for temperament, health and conformation.  Our goal is to produce a solid Alapaha that represents the breed in a positive way.  We test all our breeding stock in both OFA, and Pennhip, so we can compare the two and make an informed choice of stud.  We are proud and honoured to have won runner-up Kennel of the year for 2016/17.  Such an honour to be recognized for our dedication to the breed.